Cranbourne Botanical Gardens
We all arrived at the Stringybark car park in the gardens from 10.30 to 11am.
Temperate probably  30c.
We all decided to settle into the car park as there was ample shade for our Group.
We all enjoyed our own morning tea, in the car park.
Then half the group drove to the visitors centre to book the tour bus.
The 25 minute guided tour, was very enjoyable,  as we encountered some little breezes.
Our Guide/Driver  pointed out and named all the Australian flora.
Even the rocks have been collected from different parts of Australia and been put on display in the gardens.
We all headed back to the car park after tour, and enjoyed our picnic lunches with the others.
A few photos were taken and it was nice to meet members,
we had not met before,  as well as old members, that we hadn't seen since Covid-19  lockdown.
By this time the shade was shrinking ,and heat now about 36c  and it was time for this little reporter to leave.
We said our goodbyes and head home.
A Really enjoyable day, even though it was a bit hot!
Looking forward to another CHACA outing in the near future. Covid allowing!!
Louise Baker.
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