Terry's 1948 Tucker Sedan



The 1948 Tucker Sedan (initially named The Tucker Torpedo) was an advanced automobile conceived by Preston Tucker and briefly produced in Chicago in 1948. Only 51 cars were made before the company folded on March 3rd. 1949, due to negative publicity initiated by the news media, a Securities and 

Exchange Commission investigation and a heavily publicised stock fraud trial (which allegations were proven baseless in court with a full acquittal).

Tucker2Speculation exists that the circumstances which brought the Tucker Corporation down werecontributed to the by the Big Three automakers and Michigan Senator Homer Ferguson. Many components and features of the car were innovative and far ahead of their time. The most recognizable feature of the Tucker ‘48, a directional third headlight, known as the “ Cyclops Eye” would turn on at steering angles of greater than 10 degrees to light the car’s path around corners. At the time 17 states had laws against cars having more than two headlights. Tucker fabricated a cover for the cyclops centre light for use in these states.


The car was rear engined and rear wheel drive. A perimeter frame surrounded the vehicle for crash
protection, as well as a roll bar integrated into the roof. The steering box was behind the front axle to protect the driver in a front-end accident. The instrument panel and all controls were within easy
reach of the steering wheel and the dash was padded for safety. The windshield was designed to popout in a collision to protect occupants.  The car also featured seat belts, a first in its day. The car’s parking brake had a separate key so it could be locked in place to prevent theft. The doors extended into the roof to ease entry and exit. This particular example was recently purchased by its current owner, for a record price at the RMA Auctions, Monterey. It is the only Tucker known to have been in Australia. Previous to that, it had been in the ownership of Nick Jenin, the creator of the travelling Tucker Show.




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