Rene's 1978 Ferrari Dino 308 GT4


Bought in 2011 from a gent in Sydney, allegedly the first owner was James Morrison who bought it when he lived in the UK. It was delivered in the UK, and then brought across to Oz, and restored to participate at the Targa Tasmania at the start of the 1990ies.

It's a series II model. Series I was badged as Dino (rather than Ferrari) until they worked out the Americans didn't understand the logic and just wanted to buy a Ferrari. So mine says Dino on the front, and Ferrari on the back.

It has the transverse 3 liter V8 in the back, with 4 double barrel Weber down-draft carbs ensuring oil companies stay in business. The usual gated shifter, and some very distinctive (=awkward) seventies styling.

That's me lying under the front of the car, when I did the timing belt change. Don't worry, by then I'd worked out the engine's in the back... but the radiator coolant needed draining from the front.





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