Visit to the Dowel collection

What an incredible day, visiting an incredible collection, hosted by the incredibly generous and friendly Terry and Kay. What a treat!

A good 90 of us, including some visiting from the Oldsmobile club, gathered and joined on a short, sunny drive from Berwick up the road to Terry and Kay's home. The views of the Dandenong foothills are a great treat for starters. What was waiting behind doors was even more breathtaking.

A warm welcome first, with a cuppa and a bikkie, and then we were all asked to join in the main section of the museum. Probably 50+ vehicles were well presented in the main area. Terry welcomed us and did a brief walk through.

For starters there were the very nimble and modest Hartnett and Lloyd cars, almost miniatures, compared to the adjacent Pontiacs and Cadillac's! Hartnett obviously being an interesting page of Australian car history!

The following were almost a clockwise crescendo around the facility, passing a prototype Holden, Buicks, Rolls Royce's, a stunning 1913 Overland, all the way to the highly anticipated Tucker Torpedo!

Front and center an impressive collection of Cord's, all in stunning condition. The two Corvettes almost seemed out of place, but then also highlighted the variety of the collection! 

Upstairs awaited a great variety of treats. Firts a small mezanine which allowed for a great view of the cars downstairs. Then, a great guest area fitted out as a 1950's American style diner! Complete with the diner artwork on the wall (who doesn't like a good Jimmy Dean on the wall).

Then, a wonderful room filled with all kinds of memorabilia; statues, pictures, books, toys. Memory lane we can call it. Next to this, an impressive library, or was it just the tall book shelevs that made an impression on me?! Finally, a cinema, with very, very comfy reclining chairs. Obviously the Tucker movie was on show!

Outside across the driveway (which was full of double parked classics by the way), a small addition of sports cars. Some very impressive Peter Brock race cars, including the very Austin 7, with which it all started for a young Peter. Personally, I'm always impartial to a nice DeLorean, even if it's just because of the dubious history of the manufacturer's demise.

Then, round the back..... those cars awaiting restoration.... some Vauxhalls, another Packard, a Triumph etc. etc.... More joy to the car enthusiast's eye.

Lunch was enjoyed down the road at the Cardinia Hotel. Great food, and plenty of room for all.

Thanks again to Ken and Eddie for organising. Obviously, a warm-hearted thank you to Terry and Kay for opening their museum to us. Greatly appreciated by many-a car enthusiast!



Please note, all proceeds from the entry fees will be donated to three charities which the Dowell family support. They've supported and personally visited all three charities. If you wish to make a donation as well to one of the three charities, please visit their web pages:

Cambodian children's fund
Free to shine
Happy hands foundation, Thailand


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