Visit to the Fire Engines Workshop


Another great trip!


A big thank you to Kevin Oates, our CHACA Librarian who is also a long standing volunteer with the Fire Engines Workshop in Williamstown/Newport. Sunny day, but cool enough inside for young and old to enjoy a vast array of fire engines dating back to approx. 1914!


Their Webiste, click HERE.


The workshops themselves are quite interesting for starters. The front ones are a combination of brick and tin/corrugated, with a wood timber frame. The ones towards the end brick buildings dating back to the late 1800's. Those actually house some more train carriages. The Fire Services Museum host their workshops split over several buildings.

The collection is quite impressive indeed, and the state of most of them is outstanding. Unfortunately they're short of hands/volunteers to keep the restoration work up, so for the moment they mainly maintain their current stock.

The third building even had horse drawn carts with steam operated pumps. Still operational with beautifull brass boilers. Some even had man-powered pumps on them.

The last building had two recent fire engines, donated by the MFB. Both looked modern as such, however had been in operation since the seventies....

Highly recommend a visit if you have the time!


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