2015 August - Antique Motorcycles Run

Bit out of the ordinary, doing a club outing on a Saturday, but what an outing it was! To what can only be described as the “mother of all man-caves”, or dare we say it, man-warehouses! Considering it comes with a few sofas, and a fully equipped café and workshop, one could argue, why would you leave! Owner/manager John gave us a great tour of the facilities, firing up a few engines here and there. Even just because he enjoyed doing it.


Beautiful day for a drive and well attended again by many members, partners and friends. Even a few youngsters. The warehouse wasn’t just filled to the brim with motorcycles of all ages and sizes, but all sorts of vehicles and toys. A lot even hanging from the roof! Every person attending could come up with his/her own list of highlights, but here’s a few:

  • Y2K Motorcycle, powered Bell Jet Ranger helicopter turbine, which idles at 50,000 RPM... which makes perfect sense to harness in a motorcycle frame!
  • A 1906 Indian “Bicycle” which looked in near new condition.
  • Most production Rotary motorcycles
  • A Harley from Terminator 3, and a Honda from the original Mad Max movies
  • Plenty of Grand Prix Race bikes
  • Some motorised skis, skidoos, and a toboggan with an Indian V-twin engine on the front from the 1940ies
  • A powered surf board, and a powered skateboard
  • Plenty of old Indian bikes, but also a few brand new ones; John will open an Indian dealership right here soon!
  • A Harley Davidson Scooter, yes a Harley scooter...

There were also plenty of display cabinets with toys, motorcycle models, helmets and motorcycle gear, other motorcycle paraphernalia and advertising material. A few petrol bowsers from years gone. Some model AND actual size planes hanging from the roof. A merchandise section as well, and a comfy corner with many old sofas and a very large flat screen TV! Perfect!

The world’s shortest Mini was parked outside as well, wonder if that gave Ken an idea for some more work on his freshly restored Mini?!

The coffee was great, and there was plenty of tasty cake to be eaten as well. Thanks again to Peter for organising, and John and the team for hosting us!

For those who missed out, please just call John and see when they are open (Monday through Saturday generally)! And, if you’re interested, the Australian National Aviation museum has a few classic planes on display right around the corner as well!


Missed out on the run and interested to get there yourself  ? For more information about Antique Motorcycles please click here



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