The CHACA Club Badge

During 1966 many designs for the club badge were considered by committee. Finally a design drawn by Marie Alger was chosen. The particular design of the wheel was chosen, because most cars of the era used this type of wheel at some Stage. 
Chaca badge oldThe first casting was presented at the April meeting and aroused much comment among members. Among the many comments heard were, “Hell it’s heavy, wonder what it’s scrap value is?”, or “I don’t think my car will drag that around”, or maybe, “Wonder where I’ll put it, the badge bar's full now”. This prototype badge was presented to Marie in recognition of her design efforts. Chaca badge newThe badge pattern is made of aluminium and the badges are made of gunmetal. The badges are cast in sand. The production method and materials used make the badge quite unique among other car club badges.
There has been only one change during the thirty years and that was to change “1931 – 1942” to “Founded 1966”.



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