Rolf's Borgward


Restoration Timeline

03.09.2000 - When Rolf saw this Coupe parked in the paddock he fell in love with it. It's a coupe
from 1960. Little rust and the engine is still turning. Interior is fine. Overall quite an easy restoration…..
Well after dismantling all body panels I found so much rust that I even considered to look for
another body. But after revisiting the body it was not too bad and booked myself into a welding &
panel beating course and started welding .... ..... every weekend for 6 months.
Finally I can start restoring the mechanical parts and after 6 months of welding I did indeed enjoy
it very much.

21.11.2008 - After three years of restoration I'm so close to finishing the car (Ha ha took me
only another 7 years). Rob & Roy from Balranald Panels - NSW finished the rest of the body work as well as the paint job. Only the mechanics need to go back into the car and then I should be able to take the car for a drive. I
already get excited about it. After a couple of months working daily on it I was able to pick the car up. I
was like a kid in a candy shop. They have done a fantastic job and I was very impressed with the quality of work

10.01.2014 - The final stage of the restoration had just started. I moved the car to a friend's place where we finished the mechanics of this car. The engine still needed cleaning up and restoring. Once done we just had to lift it
into the engine bay. Took us a few hours with medium level of cursing.

01.03.2014 - The brakes, the floor and the wheels needed finishing off.

01.05.14 - Now after 14 years I finally finished the restoration. It took a while and it was a long journey and I learned a lot like welding etc but all
worth it.

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