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 CHACA is a club for owners of, and people with a passion for, vehicles of any make or model, over 25 years old and build after 1931. If you also share this passion, come and join us at one of our monthly club drives, meetings or at any of our other regular events. We publish a monthly journal, and send other car related event informatio many special offers to our members on a regular basis.

Our Club was founded in May, 1966, by a small group of dedicated people who felt that an association was needed to assist those who were interested in preserving and restoring all types of motor vehicles manufactured during the years 1931 to 1942, and lately, up to 25 years old or any later date as may be determined by the Committee.

The Journal is our official monthly publication and contains technical articles, list of future events, features on Club vehicles, a round up of monthly Club Events, minutes of the monthly meeting, Classic and Historical vehicles and parts for sale or wanted. All members are encouraged to contribute to the Journal with articles of common interest, photographs and advertise, free of charge cars or car parts for sale. A Directory of Club Members and their vehicles is published annually.

Ownership of a vehicle is not a criteria for membership, thus enabling Members to purchase or dispose of vehicles as they wish. It also enables the less experienced to assess the type or standard of vehicle most suitable for themselves before committing to making a purchase.

For more details please refer to Club Info or Club News.


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